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The custom counter-culture is about to begin. It's not "custom culture," it's a revolution. It's nothing you've seen before, it's underground. RUSTYMETRIC will be setting trends, not following them. Find innovative and original music, hot rods, motorcycles, and much more within it's pages. RUSTYMETRIC isn't going to make everybody happy but it will be the only magazine of note to find everything you've never found before. It will be loved and hated and will never sell out to anyone or anything for a buck or a fuck. Within it's pages will be profiles, interviews, technical assistance, and custom motorcycles built by men and women of integrity. Analysis of both the custom world as well as the political realm will meet in a way nobody has previously dared to try. The truth will be exposed and the thieves will run into dark corners. This is not a definition of RUSTYMETRIC. Trends come and go and RUSTYMETRIC will define itself, not by the words of others, but by the content within its pages. The only way to find out what RUSTYMETRIC is will be to come back later, get a copy, and discover the custom counter-culture for yourself.

RUSTYMETRIC – Custom Counter-Culture

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Hello world!

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